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Visiting India can be a little bit unnerving and shocking for the first-time visitors. The peninsula is completely different from Western countries. The culture, tradition and even the lifestyle of this place is just contrary to those in West. So, taking that in account we have profiled here a list of dos and don’ts that will make your journey in India quite hassle-free and enjoyable.

1. You need to have a proper VISA to enter and stay in India; it's a must
2. You are to get properly vaccinated against Yellow Fever if you are coming from an infected region. Also carry Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate along with you
3. Arm yourself with travel insurance before traveling. It will cover all your expenses in case of thefts, loss and illness
4. Carry elaborate maps of the places that have complete information since there in India signboards are often missing
5. If you are traveling alone and want to reach a station, go during daytime. It will avoid occurrence of any adverse situation
6. You'll face touts and taxi drivers at airport, railways stations and bus stops who will be persistently following you to help you find your hotel. Avoid them and go to tourist assistance desk instead for safe and sound advice
7. If you are participating in a social occasion, attending a traditional procession or just visiting a home, follow the conservative dress code
8. While changing money, don't forget taking encashment certificate. Choose foreign currency exchange office only; don't go to local currency changers
9. Be prudent of cultural and social sensitivities of the regions you visit. They can't be learned in a single day, so the best way is to observe and follow
10. Buy at genuine shops of antique dealers only. Bargaining is good, but check yourself from going for lucrative offers, for they could be misleading. Entire transaction should be legal and transparent so that you may claim later if dissatisfied
11. If you are a woman and traveling alone in trains, you may request to be accommodated near other women travelers
12. Use only licensed guides with well-detailed maps attached in them for sightseeing
13. Always use strong suitcases for carrying your baggage, with some recognition thing on it, since mishandling is a common event that happens at airport and stations

1. If you are a woman traveling on your own, don't walk in dark and secluded places
2. Don't enter in the temple, tomb, dargah or Gurudwara with shoes on and scantily dressed. Wear proper dress and cover your head with a cloth while visiting these sacred places. If you do parikrama or walk around around a sanctorum, do it in clockwise direction since anti-clock direction is considered inauspicious
3. Do not encourage beggars. It's not a necessity to give alms
4. Do not checkout of the hotel in hurry. Guests leaving hastily pay without crosschecking accounts and end up paying on unreasonable charges
5. Do not leave your cash and valuable belongings in your hotel rooms in your absence. Keep the cash divided in your different pockets
6. Don't litter the places you visit or walk around. Take care of proper disposal of your trash
7. In India, in every nook, street and road, you'll find food stall, tea stall or water tanks. Don't consume any food, water etc at such places, no one can assure you of purity. Take well cooked food and drink mineral bottle water
8. Don't buy antiques more than 100 years old, it's recognized as cognizant activity. Selling and buying "shahtoosh" shawls, ivory and wildlife is a serious non-bailable crime
9. Don't eat anything offered by fellow travelers while traveling in trains, buses etc. It might carry sedatives. Avoid traveling in general compartments in trains; travel in reserved class
10. While traveling in buses or trains, don't keep anything valuable near the window. In train, always chain and lock your luggage under your berth
11. Don't visit places that encourage orthodoxy, social injustice and inhuman practices (like visiting a sati temple)
12. Don't photograph women without their permission
13. Don't accept offers of visiting anyone's home unless you are confident of the person and know him/her for long
14. While traveling, don't act confused and or stay in oblivion. Keep a confident posture and act like being well aware of the region