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India Information Explore Wonderful India Places With GeTS Holidays

Bordered by Indian Ocean on the south, Bay of Bengal on the south-east and Arabian Sea on the south-west, India is geographically the seventh-largest country in South Asia. Home to the ancient Indus Valley Civilization, the country is the originator of four of the world's major religions- Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism.

The much celebrated history of this peninsula dates back to 7000 BCE which afterward traces down many eons namely Neolithic settlement, Indus Valley Civilization, Chalcolithic age, Iron Age and Vedic period. During these time periods, India has had been throne to many empires that also includes several tyrannical invaders. Each of these periods and the monarchies that prevailed during those times added something new and distinct to the culture of the country. This included uniqueness in art, architecture, craft tradition etc. Due to so many mingling factors, the peninsula turned out to be the rarest country with greatest diversity throbbing in each of its elements. India is rich not only in terms of art and culture, but it is also characterized as carrying the greatest biodiversity.

In different parts of this subcontinent, there exists different cultures, languages, lifestyles, rituals & traditions. Each of those places carry different historical backgrounds and influences of the historical events. Further, each part of this peninsula holds its own unique beauty and casts a hypnotic charm & appeal over the world. For example, northern part of India bespeaks the Himalaya's bewitching charm,

On the other hand western part conjures the visitor with its sprawling golden deserts. Where India's Eastern part reveals the hilly terrains and grooves on some of the country's oldest dance forms; South boasts of mesmerizing beaches, pleasant climate and splendid historic landmarks. Overall, the peninsula is a dazzling potpourri of diversity & variations, which is rich and flourishing in all possible ways.